What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Do?

Sep 30

While driving down the highway, you will undoubtedly see billboards advertising the legal services of local personal injury lawyers. But what exactly does a personal injury lawyer do? A glance at 65 mph doesn’t yield a lot of information on the specifics of this type of legal representation, so I did some research. 

It turns out there are many reasons why hiring a personal injury lawyer may be the best option for someone who has been hurt in an accident. Below, I’ve compiled a list of the main types of cases that someone may need a personal injury lawyer to help resolve.

  1. Car Accidents
    1. If someone is hurt in a car accident, they are most likely going to be offered much less settlement money than they deserve by the insurance company handling their case. Medical bills can be extremely expensive, especially after a bad car accident. Often, the only way to get the expenses to cover all the bills while still accounting for pain and suffering is by hiring a personal injury lawyer. 
  2. Medical Malpractice
    1. Medical malpractice occurs when medical professionals act negligently while caring for patients, which results in harm to the patient. The standard of care has to be violated for the case to be considered medical malpractice, meaning the medical professional in question has to have acted in a way that someone else in the same position would not have acted. In cases like these, it’s important for victims to have contact with a lawyer because it can be difficult to secure compensation alone, especially since hospitals hire their own team of lawyers to deal with medical malpractice suits.
  3. Workers’ Compensation
    1. While workers’ compensation is mandated by the government, sometimes people who have especially tricky cases need extra help from a workers’ compensation lawyer. Employers (or their insurance companies) might dispute a workers’ compensation claim if the injury didn’t obviously result from work or if the injury requires a long recovery period. A lawyer who deals specifically with workers’ compensation claims may even be able to help their client make a claim that falls outside of workers’ compensation. An example of this would be if a specific employee did something to harm the client intentionally.
  4. Wrongful Death
    1. People file wrongful death claims when a loved one is killed in an accident. When someone dies, they often leave behind family members who relied on them for financial support. As stated on the website for the personal injury firm Evans Moore LLC, a wrongful death attorney can help a grieving family get much-needed compensation for the loss of their loved one.

Many attorneys who practice personal injury law will be able to help victims of most kinds of accidents. Still, it’s important that someone who is looking for an attorney does enough research to make sure they’re choosing the right person for their case.

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Some Companies Never Learn

Jun 07

If you catch a child doing something that they shouldn’t be doing, they’ll usually try to come up with an excuse for their actions. Cookies before dinner? They just love their mom’s baking.

Staying in all day and watching TV instead of playing outside? It’s too hot, or their friends couldn’t join them? If they do poorly on a test, the teacher was obviously out to get them.

These are all poor excuses for an act of irresponsibility on the child’s part. Their parent will scold them and send them to their room.

Usually, this is how the child learns right from wrong. It takes someone calling them out on their actions for them to grow as a person. With any luck, they will grow up to be honest adults who can take responsibility for their actions instead of deflecting the blame. This is how it goes for most people.

However, some people don’t learn from their childhood mistakes. They continue to lie and refuse to be held accountable for what they have done, refusing punishment by any means necessary.

In the seventies, Monsanto released Roundup, an herbicide that could kill off invasive species of plants while keeping other plants safe. It did so by using glyphosate as one of the main ingredients.

This product quickly became the most popular herbicide in the United States. Years after Roundup’s release, glyphosate was listed as a carcinogen, meaning people who were exposed to it had a greater risk of certain cancers like leukemia or myeloma.

If that wasn’t enough, Roundup has been suggested as the cause for a host of other diseases such as diabetes and ADHD. These health issues are often not cured by a week of medication. Instead, the individual who was affected will have to undergo months if not years of expensive treatment.

In addition to the mountain of medical bills piling up, they will also accrue a lot of lost wages when they have to miss work for treatment. Their illness is not their fault.

Rather, it’s Monsanto’s. Monsanto knew about the dangers of using glyphosate in their products and continued to do so anyway. In doing so, they willingly put millions of lives at risk.

One Roundup lawsuit after another has begun to spring up as a way to fight back against Monsanto. These class-action lawsuits can help victims affected by the herbicide get the settlement they deserve.

Going through a time-consuming treatment is bad enough; these victims shouldn’t go bankrupt as a result of Monsanto’s inability to tell the truth.

If you or a loved one has gotten sick and you think it’s because of exposure to Roundup, speak up and find an attorney who’s willing to go to bat for you. Most of us were able to learn right from wrong as we grew up.

Monsanto apparently never learned, but it’s time they do. Help the thousands affected by their dishonesty and hold Monsanto accountable for the lives that they’ve forever altered.

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Fixing An Outdated Drainage System

Feb 15

Sometimes I can feel like owning a home is more trouble than it’s worth. I’ve been living in the same home for more than twenty years. I’ve come to love the home. It’s where I raised my kids. I spent countless Christmas and Easter mornings in the house. I watched my kids grow up here. My wife and I also have countless memories of hammocking in the backyard. But, when we first moved in, we had major problems with flooding in our backyard. Rains from around the city could cause water to pool up in our backyard. Sometimes during heavy storms, it would even flood. This made us worried to leave the dog out there unattended for too long. We pooled some money back then and had a landscaping company install a drainage system. The system has helped out quite a bit over the years. We were able to enjoy a nice yard that didn’t flood and didn’t have too many mosquitos during the summers while our kids were growing up. But the city we live in has changed a lot over the past two decades. New housing developments and skyrises are popping up all over the downtown area. The neighborhoods are starting to feel the effects. Earlier this year, our backyard began to flood just as it did when we first moved in. We couldn’t believe what was going on. How was this even possible? While reading on the Ware Landscaping website, my wife and I discovered that development across the city can change the water table in another part of town.

When we had our first drainage system installed twenty years ago, it was designed with the current water table for our area in mind. Now that the water table has risen, we need someone that can help. Thankfully, there are landscapers like Ware Landscaping that can repair an already existing system. If the existing system won’t work, they can completely replace it as well.

I wanted to fix the problem myself, but I quickly realized that I was going to have to call someone to get the drainage problem taken care of. I’ve always been the handyman around the house. After twenty years of owning a home, you begin to pick up on how to fix lots of different household problems. I’ve repaired dishwashers and toilets and installed lots of lighting fixtures even though I work an office job. The drainage system was a different kind of beast. I couldn’t figure out where the water was coming from. I didn’t understand what part of the yard needed to be affected. And I certainly didn’t know how to fix the issue without spending thousands and thousands of dollars. Thankfully, landscapers have the knowledge of how to repair a drainage system without spending unnecessary money. After we get our yard fixed up again, my wife and I will be able to enjoy a dry backyard without mosquitos swarming. We’ll also be able to redo the small garden we’ve made out back without flooding destroying our hard work. I know my wife and I are certainly looking forward to it.

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Take Care of Your Teeth

Jul 07

Oral hygiene has more to do with your overall health than you might realize, and there are a lot of popular foods and drinks that taste good, but are awful for our teeth and gums. The teeth are covered in enamel, and it’s the enamel that protects each tooth from cavities. Whether you are a child, a parent, a doctor, or a veteran, it’s important that you take care of your smile. Here are some of the worst foods for oral health:

Foods That Are High in Acidity

Acidity is an important element of flavor to many dishes, and it provides a sour taste. However, when it comes to the enamel on your teeth, acidic foods are not good. That’s because acid wears down the tooth’s enamel and causes tooth decay, which can lead to cavities and periodontal disease. Acidic foods and drinks can also cause the teeth to discolor and become sensitive to temperature. Limes, tomatoes, apples, coffee, and beer are all highly acidic.

Sugary Substances

You’ve always heard that sugar is bad for your teeth, but do you understand why? Bacteria that cause plaque and rot away teeth feast on sugar, creating acidic byproducts and destroying healthy smiles. Eating a lot of sugar and then not brushing your teeth is one of the best ways to ensure that you get cavities. Although sugar intake should be limited, it’s nearly impossible to completely eliminate from your diet. Instead, brush regularly and don’t let sugar sit on your teeth for very long. Candies and desserts are high in sugar, but so are dried fruits and certain cereals. If you can’t brush your teeth right away, at least drink lots of water to rinse your mouth out.

Chewy and Sticky Treats

One of the worst things you can do to your teeth is consume a sticky substance that clings tightly to the teeth. Not only is it difficult to remove from the teeth, but it tends to get lodged in a vulnerable spot: small spaces between the teeth. When this happens, bacteria have an abundant supply of nutrients to grow fast and destroy enamel. The continued presence of this food supply allows the bacteria to produce more acid than they normally would, and it can easily lead to cavities.

Simple Carbohydrates and Starches

Processed carbohydrates and starches are immediately converted into sugar by the saliva. Although it may taste like a french fry and not a candy bar, the bacteria on your mouth don’t know the difference. The same goes for chips, pastas, rice, and bread. Not only are these foods bad for your teeth, they’re also bad for your overall health as well.

Chewing on Hard Foods

The enamel on your teeth is very hard, but it does not stand up very well to chewing hard things. Ice hard candies, and popcorn kernels are popular examples of hard things that people enjoy chewing. The problem is that you are weakening the enamel on the molars and you run the risk of chipping a tooth.

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Why people should respect the road

Oct 05

I had paid off by auto and decided to sell it because I wanted to get a motorcycle that I’ve been looking at for some time. It was six months ago when I bought my new bike and I’ve been doing well, until now.

Some automobile driver didn’t give me the right of way – turning left right in front of me after not stopping for a traffic signal. My bike sideswiped that auto in the intersection and I went down. I was no longer sitting vertically on my bike – more like lying on the road, me and my bike. Plus, my left leg was hurting and I found out it was broken when I got treatment. That was two days ago. I also found out through the police that the driver of the auto didn’t pass a breathalyzer test – he had a BAC of .10%. I also found out that he was 20, not 21, so he wasn’t even of legal age to drink in our state. Furthermore, I was the one that got sent to the ER, and I heard that he wasn’t even injured.

It’s a good thing that I was wearing all my motorcycle gear, helmet and all, because I could have been more severely injured. Well, yes, I got a broken leg and some scratches but it is going to heal in time. I am upset, though, because my bike was new and now it has gone into the shop for repair. I might even have to get a new bike. I don’t know even if the other automobile was sufficiently insured. I have all this property damage and my bodily injury costs.

It’s a good thing that I have uninsured motorist coverage on my bike. I heard that the other driver’s auto had auto insurance on it, but it was the parent’s car of the drunk driver. I suppose that he ‘borrowed’ it without their knowledge for an evening out. So, he wasn’t even a legal driver on the policy. Yes, he was an illegal driver who was driving with a BAC of .10%. That’s bad. I’ve heard of stories like this, but I never thought it would happen to me. I suppose I will have to get some legal help with this, to see if I can file a claim with the other insurance or if I need to call my insurance company. Plus, I have medical injuries. My broken leg will heal eventually, but I can’t even ride any bike now, not just my bike, due to my broken leg. I’m going to have to work from home until my leg heals more.

I wish more people, in general, knew the motorcycle laws and respected them. I am a driver, just like anybody else, and I share the road with automobiles, trucks and other bikers. I was recently reading about motorcycle accident statistics, and in 2015, there were nearly 80 bikers killed in my state and about one-third of them were caused by other drivers crossing the center line or turning left in front of them. I was lucky I guess, in the long run, that I wasn’t more severely injured. I hope that my injuries heal in time. I just hope that more people can respect the road and the bikers that ride them.

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Premises Liability: Porch Collapse

Jul 29

Premises liability is a legal concept wherein a property owner can be held liable for the accidents, injuries, and deaths that have occurred in his premises, especially if negligence or recklessness has been involved. So, property owners should be responsible in the maintenance and safety of their premises.

One of the least talked about cases of premises liability is porch collapse, because it is not as common as, say, escalator and elevator malfunctions, swimming pool drownings, and fires. Still, according to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, those who have been harmed because of porch collapse may have a legal option to take the property owner to court.

But how can a porch collapse? There are many ways how, and below are just some of the ways where the property owner can be blamed.

Poor Maintenance

Porches require maintenance, to ensure that they are in perfect condition to avoid defects and accidents. If a porch is not regularly inspected and maintained, it may suffer from the consequences of wear and tear, particularly the parts that are crucial for support, such as the posts, beams, ledger boards, and even the small ones, like the joist hangers.

Poor Support

Speaking of support, the porch can still collapse even if it is properly maintained if the support is not adequate in the first place. First, the foundation should be strong enough, so the property owner should hire a competent person who knows the building standards for these things. Second, the support systems, such as the components mentioned earlier, should be strong enough to accommodate a specific weight limit that a property owner should comply to.


A porch that has a strong support and adequate maintenance is still prone to collapsing accidents if the property owner does the most negligent thing he can do – putting too much weight on the porch. This is the most negligent because it is a problem that is often self-inflicted. A property owner should know the limitations of his porch and should be cautious in putting too much items on it. This can put too much pressure on the porch, so the porch may give in and, at worst, cause an injury to an innocent person.

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What to Do After a Drunk Driving Accident

Jun 25

You are driving carefully when a vehicle from the opposite direction suddenly veers into your lane and crashes into you. This may result into injury, property damage, and worse, financial damage associated with medical bills, repair costs, and lost time at work. The accident may be understandable if the driver who has caused it has had a legitimate error, but it is not if the driver has been reckless, like when he is driving under the influence of alcohol.

Take a deep breath

After the collision, take a deep breath and try to relax, because having a relaxed body and mind will prevent you from being aggressive towards the driver. It will also help you judge the situation better and act accordingly.

Check for injuries

Once you have calmed down, check yourself for possible injuries. You may not immediately feel the pain because of adrenaline rush. You should also check your passengers if anybody of them is hurt.

Check for damages

This is the time where you start alighting the vehicle and assess the situation. Look at your vehicle if it is damaged. Look at the road and other properties that may have sustained damage, including the other vehicle involved in the accident.

Communicate with the driver

Approach the driver and check if he is also hurt. Get relevant information about the driver, such as his name, address, and phone number, so you can contact him in case you need to. If he is too intoxicated to communicate, stay put.

Call the authorities

Ask for assistance to the local police and fire department. Even if there are no apparent injuries, it is a good idea to call an ambulance so you and the others can be medically assessed.

Cooperate with the authorities

Wait for the authorities to arrive. Leaving an accident scene, especially one that involves injury, may make you viable for a hit-and-run case. Once the authorities arrive, explain your side of the story.

Take pictures

Bring out your phone or your camera and take pictures of the accident scene on all possible angles. You can use these to know what really happened, who is really at fault, and as a complementary material for a possible lawsuit.

Get an attorney

You should consult with an attorney so you can know the legal options you can pursue, especially if the other driver is obviously at fault, like when he is obviously intoxicated.

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