Why people should respect the road

Oct 05

I had paid off by auto and decided to sell it because I wanted to get a motorcycle that I’ve been looking at for some time. It was six months ago when I bought my new bike and I’ve been doing well, until now.

Some automobile driver didn’t give me the right of way – turning left right in front of me after not stopping for a traffic signal. My bike sideswiped that auto in the intersection and I went down. I was no longer sitting vertically on my bike – more like lying on the road, me and my bike. Plus, my left leg was hurting and I found out it was broken when I got treatment. That was two days ago. I also found out through the police that the driver of the auto didn’t pass a breathalyzer test – he had a BAC of .10%. I also found out that he was 20, not 21, so he wasn’t even of legal age to drink in our state. Furthermore, I was the one that got sent to the ER, and I heard that he wasn’t even injured.

It’s a good thing that I was wearing all my motorcycle gear, helmet and all, because I could have been more severely injured. Well, yes, I got a broken leg and some scratches but it is going to heal in time. I am upset, though, because my bike was new and now it has gone into the shop for repair. I might even have to get a new bike. I don’t know even if the other automobile was sufficiently insured. I have all this property damage and my bodily injury costs.

It’s a good thing that I have uninsured motorist coverage on my bike. I heard that the other driver’s auto had auto insurance on it, but it was the parent’s car of the drunk driver. I suppose that he ‘borrowed’ it without their knowledge for an evening out. So, he wasn’t even a legal driver on the policy. Yes, he was an illegal driver who was driving with a BAC of .10%. That’s bad. I’ve heard of stories like this, but I never thought it would happen to me. I suppose I will have to get some legal help with this, to see if I can file a claim with the other insurance or if I need to call my insurance company. Plus, I have medical injuries. My broken leg will heal eventually, but I can’t even ride any bike now, not just my bike, due to my broken leg. I’m going to have to work from home until my leg heals more.

I wish more people, in general, knew the motorcycle laws and respected them. I am a driver, just like anybody else, and I share the road with automobiles, trucks and other bikers. I was recently reading about motorcycle accident statistics, and in 2015, there were nearly 80 bikers killed in my state and about one-third of them were caused by other drivers crossing the center line or turning left in front of them. I was lucky I guess, in the long run, that I wasn’t more severely injured. I hope that my injuries heal in time. I just hope that more people can respect the road and the bikers that ride them.

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