Insurance Bad Faith

Mar 10

Signs of Insurance Bad Faith

People pay good money for insurance, but sometimes insurance companies don’t want to give their rightful policyholders the benefits they deserve. This is called insurance bad faith. It is a good thing that there are legal professionals out there that specialize in this kind of cases, such as Smith Kendall, PLLC.

But before getting legal help, it can also be beneficial for you to know the signs of insurance bad faith, so you can determine the right time to get assistance. Below is a list of signs you should look out for, to determine whether your insurance treating you in bad faith or not.

Looking for reasons to deny benefits

Even after you have submitted your hospital bills, vehicle repair costs, and other expenses that are under the insurance agreement, the insurer still has the tendency to question their validity. Most of the time, the insurance company is just looking for a reason to deny your insurance claim.

Delaying of investigation

Insurers have the responsibility to investigate the factors of your claim in a timely manner. Unnecessary and unwarranted delays in the investigation process may result in huge financial losses for your part. What makes it worse is the fact that you are the one paying the insurer, and they have the audacity to delay the benefits you deserve when you need them the most.

Making unnecessary demands

Another tactic to delay the process of insurance payments is the demanding of documents, reports, and other papers that are unnecessary to the insurance claim investigation.

Cancelling or changing of policy

If you insurer has cancelled or changed your policy without due cause, especially after the claim has already been filed, you may be looking at an insurer that is acting in bad faith. They cancel your policy to prevent you from getting anything, or they change it to deny or limit the compensation you are eligible to have.

Failing to pay on valid claims

Sometimes, even valid claims can be denied by the insurer so they can save money. This practice exists because other policyholders just move on after a denied claim. But it is important to point out that a denied claim can be challenged, so you can get the proper compensation you deserve.

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