Divorce Mediation Can Be a Helpful Tool

Oct 23

Deciding to end a marriage and taking steps towards divorce can seem daunting. The legal processes of a divorce are often complex, but that doesn’t mean things need to be difficult. Upon the dissolution of a marriage, issues like spousal support, child support and custody, and the division of property/debt take the stage of a thoughtful deliberation. The decisions made in a divorce will impact a family for years, so it’s always better when the two parties involved make these decisions amicably and in unison.

A divorce can be either contested or uncontested. Basically, a contested divorce is one where the parties can’t reach agreement on the terms of a divorce, leaving important decisions up to the court system. Contested divorces are generally more complex, tend to cost a lot of time and money, and don’t guarantee that either party will be happy with the outcome. This is why many professionals recommend that couples at least attempt an uncontested divorce, where the parties reach a mutual agreement on the terms of a divorce.

However, just because an agreement is satisfactory doesn’t mean it’s optimal for either party. When the terms of a divorce can be improved, a divorce mediator can help a couple explore routes towards the best possible agreement for them and their family. A divorce mediator often helps with communication between parties, and can supply relevant information without giving advice to either party. While divorce mediation implies the counsel of a third party, it’s important to know that a divorce mediator cannot force either party into any binds. As this Monmouth County divorce mediator points out, divorce mediation isn’t meant to end all disputes, but to give couples information and guidance in resolving their disputes on their own.

While divorce mediation doesn’t always lead a couple to agreement, it is almost always informative and insightful. Mediation often makes couples more aware of their options when making decisions that will effect them and their families for years to come.

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